Monthly Archives: June 2017

I headed over to the Warren Lions Expo on Saturday, June 17th. This is an annual fair hosted by the Lions Club of Warren Township, the 50th annual Expo as a matter of fact. I got there at around 8pm, parking at a shopping center down the street. Admission was $2 and the rides were […]

I stopped by at the fair held by Corpus Christi Church in Chatham, NJ on Saturday, June 10th. It’s a small fair not too far away from me. I headed up there around quarter after 8 and parked in a neighboring church’s lot. The rides were brought in by Tommy’s Midway and the the fair […]

I went over to the St. Matthias Parish Carnival in Somerset, NJ on Saturday, May 20th. I had actually gone to this fair last year but never did a report on it for whatever reason; maybe I’ll post the photos from last year sometime. Anyway, I got to the fair at around quarter after 7 […]