Monthly Archives: November 2008

Freak Out Video

This video was taken at the 2008 Great Allentown Fair in Allentown, PA. It’s the KMG manufactured ‘Freak Out’ in action. Freak Out is one of the more forceful rides I’ve been on; it actually seemed a bit more forceful than the Fireball which is a higher capacity version of Freak Out. This is also […]

Breaking news just in today that Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure is blue. “Uh, thats not breaking news, we saw blue on Medusa back before the park closed.” Well yeah, you’re right about that, but I really mean it, IT’S COMPLETELY BLUE! “Oh shit!” As we all saw early this month, Medusa at Six […]

Main Article: Brochure: Islander Raceway & Amusement Park Islander was a small dive of an amusement park just outside of Wildwood, NJ. You might remember this place when it was open in the mid to late 90s as you passed it on your way into Wildwood. You also might remember it from passing it recently […]

Main Article: Park Map: Universal Studios Florida 1998 This park map/brochure comes from my first ever visit to Universal Studios in Orlando. Universal was in the process of building Islands of Adventure and had just opened Twister: Ride it Out which replaced Ghostbusters.