Funtown Pier News February 2015

Funtown Pier recently proposed initial plans for the rebuilding of the amusement park and pier at a Seaside Park, NJ planning board meeting. Along with the plans were a request for an ordinance to increase height restrictions.

The ordinance request is to increase height restrictions for portions of the pier up to 300 feet. Currently, Seaside Park has restrictions of 50 feet. The initial plans illustrate several thrill rides and kiddie rides. Among the major rides in the plans are a 195 foot Sky Coaster, Space Shot, Zip Line, Turbo Force, Giant Wheel, Vertical Swing, Musik Express, and a Moto(?) Coaster.

The plans are getting mixed reviews by residents and businesses; some saying that rides are needed to sustain their business while residents aren’t so enthused about the screams, music, and mechanical sounds that they would generate.


These are just initial plans, nothing set in stone, more like an idea of what could be done if the ordinances were allowed to go through. I think that a vertical swing type of ride (this, for those unfamiliar) would be an awesome addition to a pier park. The plans also seem to have “Moto Coaster” on them, suggesting a Zamperla launched coaster similar to what Darien Lake has. Finally, Turbo Force is a Zamperla version of Casino Pier’s Skyscraper.

By the looks of things, I doubt we’ll see anything significant until 2016.

Much more information, and a photo of the plans, can be found at the Asbury Park Press.


  • MJ says:

    Im so sick of people that live near amusement parks or whatever thats been there for MANY MANY years before them and then complain about noise and of the many reasons nothing will become of my former home park Geauga Lake..and Cedar Fair’s evilness

    • DoD3Brian says:

      The way I see it, Seaside is already so full of guido “Jersey Shore” types during the summer that the sound of a pneumatic cylinder from a shot tower or screams from a ride would be the least of one’s worries. lol

      However, I can kind of see the argument if a park had been there for years with flatrides and then suddenly built a loud ass pneumatic drop tower (which is what happened with Funtown Pier in the late 90s.)

  • MJ says:

    it can’t be that much more from an already existing busy

    • DoD3Brian says:

      I don’t know. Like a park makes noise, but I think it would be mostly background type of noise after a while. Things like pneumatic tanks being released or B&M track with no sand in it would stick out from the background noise and become more annoying. But, still, if they’re living in Seaside then they should know that the place becomes a zoo 4 months out of the year, so why even complain?

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