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Space Roller Photos & Video

Heard the other day that Space Roller, the only Mondial Top Scan ride traveling in the US, has been sold. The ride was previously owned by Jeremy Floyd (and by the Baxter’s before that) and had been in the US for around 21 years. Its buyers are Emerson Edwards & Paul Hart, a pair of Space Roller Photos & Video

Golden Nugget Farewell 2009

Here’s some photos to go along with the video I recently uploaded from the Golden Nugget Farewell ceremony on January 31st, 2009; exactly 12 years ago today! Golden Nugget opened in 1960 on Hunts Pier in Wildwood, NJ, and was designed by John C. Allen of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters. It was like a dark ride/roller Golden Nugget Farewell 2009

State Fair Meadowlands is the largest fair in New Jersey, no questions asked. I’ve been doing trip reports on this fair since 2005 but have gone several times before that, probably as far back as 1996 or so when I was just a youngin’. I went to the 2019 edition of the fair on two Trip Report: State Fair Meadowlands 2019

Look at this, I’m already slacking on trip reports! Usually it’s not until events in late July that I start to have month spans between actually going and the report. So…I headed over to the North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival on Friday, June 21st. This is a pretty big event, probably topping most fairs in Trip Report: North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival 2019

Haven’t gotten to many fairs this season so far. The Corpus Christi Carnival is only the second I’ve been to in 2019. Their fair this year went from June 6th to the 8th. I stopped by on Saturday night for about a half an hour. The rides were by Tommy’s Midway and had…