Golden Nugget Farewell 2009

Here’s some photos to go along with the video I recently uploaded from the Golden Nugget Farewell ceremony on January 31st, 2009; exactly 12 years ago today!

Golden Nugget opened in 1960 on Hunts Pier in Wildwood, NJ, and was designed by John C. Allen of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters. It was like a dark ride/roller coaster hybrid with most of the ride taken slowly through different scenes and theme elements, but also featured a couple of drops.

The ride closed permanently in 1998 after the pier’s park at the time, Dinosaur Beach, closed for good. Morey’s Piers purchased the pier in 1999 and have used the pier as a maintenance area of sorts since then. The old Hunt’s Pier was supposed to be where a majority of the two-pier wooden coaster was to be built, but that never happened. The photos of the proposed design are in the gallery below.

Golden Nugget technically lives on today as Knoebels in Pennsylvania purchased the track and some of the props to create Black Diamond, which opened in 2011.

Here’s the photos:

And the aforementioned video:

Also, this is the first post I’ve made on this site since August of 2019. Wow…


  • ami says:

    it’s sad when rides are closed down. old rides r so cool!!!

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