Golden Nugget Farewell Photos

Golden NuggetOn Saturday I headed down to the Golden Nugget farewell ceremony in Wildwood, NJ. For the exception of the people attending, Wildwood was basically dead being a shore town and all. The temperature was in the upper 20s and the wild was whipping across the boardwalk and piers. Luckily the ceremony was held inside the Golden Nugget where the wind couldn’t bite at the attendees too much. Speaking of attendees, I’d say about 500 people showed up, which was much more than Morey’s anticipated! Several people spoke at the event including Will and Jack Morey, John Allen IV, and Kristen Steindle, granddaughter of William ‘Bud’  Hunt. Afterwards they had some light refreshments (mostly warm items thankfully!) inside the maintenance building and also had a model of the new coaster proposed for Morey’s Piers on display. I put up 34 photos, with descriptions, of the day into the DoD3 Gallery; hope you all enjoy!

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  • My name is Jane E. McNutt. The Golden Nugget farewell ceremony was interesting. I am the Grand Niece of WC Hunt. My grandfather was Harry Hunt, was WC’s brother, and worked at Hunt’s Enterprises. My mother was Dorothy Hunt. Before my mom married my father, John McNutt there were sparks flying, because my father’s father of John J. McNutt’s and Son on Oak wired The Jack Rabbit and most of the island back in The Day. My brother remembers Kristen Steindl’s grandmother who Bud Hunt married -2nd marriage I think. That makes her related by marriage, not blood. Please check for my interview and accurate Hunt family history. Thanks for the forum. JANIE Del Haven -56 years old and rode The Nugget in 1960

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