New Video: Space Roller 2009

Hmm…it’s been sort of quiet around here in terms of updates. During this little hiatus I went to two fairs, State Fair Meadowlands and a smaller one called the Feast of Mount Carmel Fair in Berkeley Heights, NJ (which will have a ridiculously large fireworks display tonight at around 10:30-11pm for anyone nearby.)

I’ll have trip reports for both fairs soon, but for now here’s one of four videos from the State Fair Meadowlands; the video is of a Mondial manufactured Space Roller (or Top Scan.) I also have a slightly higher quality version here…you know, tucked away to save bandwidth! Hope you all enjoy it!

Space Roller 2009 (Top Scan) from The DoD3 on Vimeo.

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  • Bruce says:

    I would like to attempt to take a four hour ride on this. Great ride. Rode it many times and in some cases long rides at a few fairs in Florida. Looking to attempt to set a record for the longest ride on the Space Roller. E-Mail is

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