Laser Spotted in Germany

Photo by pinon @ Freizeitparkweb

Photo by pinon @ Freizeitparkweb

Dorney Park’s old Laser roller coaster has turned up for the first time since being sold to showman Rosenzweig and Meyer this past off-season. According to a forum post over at Freizeitparkweb (in German) Laser, now known as ‘Test Track,’ is being set up in Hamburg, Germany for an upcoming festival.

Among other things, the post features many photos of the racked coaster (if you can really call it ‘racked’) awaiting setup. Looks like Laser now sports a blue support with yellow track color scheme which is a very nice upgrade from the then fading electric green supports and purple track scheme. You can check out the photos at the link above, which also include some more recent building up shots.

However, there’s also a YouTube video by user lunalandclips showing all of the racked parts awaiting setup; this thing takes a lot of trucks to move. Here’s the video:

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