First of all let me just say:

It’s been, juuuust a little quiet around these parts.

Anyhow, it was announced  on January 28th that the Vekoma manufactured Invertigo would be removed from the Cedar Fair owned Great America in California and be relocated to another Cedar Fair park. And so the speculation began; who would get it? World’s of Fun maybe? Perhaps ValleyFair, they don’t have crap do they? Dorney? Nah, can’t be, they already have Posessed, an inverted shuttle type coaster similar to Vertigo.

But wait, what’s this? According to The Morning Call, Dorney is about to go to the town planning board seeking approval for a 138 foot tall coaster. Investigative work by us coaster fans is averted as the article states “(Invertigo) happens to be 138 feet tall and is being relocated to another park within Cedar Fair’s amusement park empire…”

So it seems almost a sure thing that Invertigo is coming to Dorney, however the possibility for a Cedar Fair switch-a-roo  is not out of the question. After all, Knotts Berry Farm was supposed to acquire Demon Drop for the 2010 season, only for it to make a 180 and head eastward to Dorney.

It’s also worth noting that this will be(err, might be…it’s not confirmed yet!) Dorney’s third relocated ride in the past few years, the others being 2010’s Demon Drop and 2008’s Possessed. I mean is Dorney turning into a repository of unwanted rides or what?

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