Video: Demon Drop at Dorney Park

Demon Drop is an Intamin manufactured ‘first generation freefall’ ride. They were one of the first types of rides that offered riders the experience that only sky divers could have up until then. However, being the 80s when everything was rad and technology was ancient by todays standards, these freefall rides did it in the oddest way possible. Riders would first board a four seat car which would roll backwards into the tower. The car was then lifted to the top, pushed forward, hooked onto the rails, dropped down a hill that ended with riders laying on their back, braked, rolled backwards down a slope which flipped the car right-side-up before rolling backwards into the station.

In the mid 90s S&S Power finally got it right by simply having a set of seats and a tower; the seats rose to the top and dropped using air pressure…brilliant!

Demon Drop resided at Cedar Point from 1983 up until 2009 when it was decided to relocate the aging ride. Knotts Berry Farm was originally supposed to receive the ride but in a set of unknown circumstances, was sent to Dorney Park instead for the 2010 season. Knotts however noted that the ride “would not have been a good fit physically or aesthetically next to the park’s iconic Ghost Town” (source.) Huh? The ride would have made an awesome abandoned mine shaft! Eh, whatever.

Demon Drop at Dorney Park from The DoD3 on Vimeo.

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