Demon DropWe’ve been hearing a lot prior to this off season about the removal of Demon Drop, a first generation Intamin freefall at Cedar Point. The ride was poised to be moved to Knotts Berry Farm in California but that plan seems to have fallen through considering a recent twist of sorts. News Plus Notes reported in late November about a “mystery ride” sitting in the parking lot at Dorney Park in Allentown, PA. This mystery ride has now been confirmed as the Point’s old Demon Drop!

According to an LA Times article, the ride will retain the same name and logos but may undergo a color scheme change. The ride will be located around where Steel Force’s helix is and the Krazy Kars hover bumper car ride may be removed to accommodate the ride. Good thing I shot video of Krazy Kars this past season…

Personally, I really like this news as those first gen freefall rides are hard to come by now. Six Flags Great Adventure used to have one called Stuntman’s Freefall and it was a real fun ride in all its old school glory. Some people have been raising the point that Dorney does already have a large drop tower attraction called Dominator and that the addition of Demon Drop wouldn’t make much sense. It’s a valid point but I think those old first gens give a very different ride from the newer counterparts. Like they both drop riders but Demon Drop does it in a very mechanized and almost Rube Goldberg-like fashion. Just check out this video of it in action by SerraGS:


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