Just a quick little update with some photos of Bizarro from the 5/2 trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. It’s kind of tough getting different shots of the ride since they have the fence right up near the front of the path.

It looks almost ready to go! Notice the two sets of posts flanking the path; looks like they’ll be putting a big Bizarro sign there. Also, while on El Toro, I could see that they had some large props around the helix portion; they looked like faux building pieces or something with the backs left unfinished since no one will really see the backs while on the ride.

And here’s a little side by side of Medusa and Bizarro just for fun:

Medusa Bizarro

Great Adventure is also working on a new attraction called Xploratorium to take up residence in Batman and Robin: the Chiller’s old observatory structure. I’ve heard it’s going to be an attraction with exhibits and such inside, kind of like Epcot’s Innoventions. Here’s the two pictures I have of Xploratorium:

The structure is completely hidden by the Dark Knight coaster’s building so they’ll need to advertise it in the park or people might not even realize it’s there!

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