Stubby News 4/30

Dorney ParkDorney Park Opens for it’s 125th Season

Allentown, PA: Dorney Park is set to open Saturday, May 2nd for it’s 125th season in operation. Residents near Dorney Park will get a special discount this weekend and next, only paying $21.99 to enter the park, while it’s $27.99 for all others (which still isn’t bad at all!) However, Wildwater Kingdom doesn’t open until May 23rd.

Check out this article for more information.

Dollywood to unveil SkyZip

Pigeon Forge, TN: Dollywood, the amusement park owned by Dolly Parton, will open their new attraction SkyZip this season. While the article didn’t exactly give a lot of details about the ride, I’m pretty sure it’s one of those automatic cable rides that jettisons riders across a ravine at a brisk speed. It’s cost $40 bucks to ride, being a “premium” thrill attraction (aka stupid low capacity.)

Here’s the article: Thrill Seekers Zip Over Dollywood

Let’s Take an Acid Trip to Seaworld!

Orlando, FL: It’s stories like this that always bring a smile to my face; a smile made from the thought of “haha, that’s funny” and “oh crap” smashed together…you know that smile! Yesterday at SeaWorld Orlando a “sweaty, shirtless man on LSD” attempted to gain entry to the park. After the 23 year old man attempted to enter the park a second time, a skirmish erupted, he was shot with a stun gun numerous times and eventually used a recycling bin lid as a shield while screaming “never!” at the stun gun wielding deputy. Wow, now that’s something I would have liked to see!

Here’s the story: Tased SeaWorld Man on LSD

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