This is Dreamland?

Back in the 4/5/09 Coney Island trip report, I included a photo of the Dreamland Park sign that had been put up in front of the former Astroland site. It promised rides, attractions, food, games, and whatever else an amusement park should have. Well, it looks like we were ‘Sitt Slapped’ once again as it seems like Dreamland Park consists of nothing more than a bunch of inflatable ‘rides’ and a huge ass parking lot that they’re charging $20 bucks to park in! Is it evident that Joe Sitt really doesn’t care about Coney Island yet?

Here’s a few photos posted by users Capt_Nemo and electricia over at the Coney Island Message Board. Does this still count as destructoporn? It may as well…

Sitt Land 1 Sitt Land 2
Sitt Land 3


A pic of Astroland in Sept. 2008, just for comparison...

Now there’s still some hope left as the official opening of Joe Sitt’s “festival by the sea” hasn’t come yet, so maybe there will be something diminutively more redeeming than a bunch of inflatable garbage. Then again, this is Sitt we’re talking about; we’re not dealing with an stand-up business man here. For example, the folks over at Coney Island Message Board bring up the point that Sitt is effectively violating C7 zoning (amusement park zoning) by placing a parking lot on the premises. One member notes that “(Sitt) does so much illegal activity here, it is mind boggling how he gets away with it all.” Jeez…

We’ll see where this all goes; probably nowhere good but we can at least hope, dream, or be delusional now can’t we?

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