DoD3 Album Basement

Image FolderThe one thing this site never really had was an image gallery; actually check that, an image gallery full of ride images. This site does have an image repository called “DoD3 Gallery” but it’s basically a dump for random, off and ontopic images. Many people would click the link only to find images of seemingly un-related stuff.

So instead of leaving it this way, I decided to add some software to turn the image directories here into browsable albums! Now you can see all the ride and trip report photos, which are currently scattered around in different articles, in one convienent place.

Here’s the link: DoD3 Album Basement. You can also find it in the ‘Multimedia’ menu at the top under ‘Ride Photos’. I’ll be adding photos to it routinely as right now there’s quite a few albums that have only one or two images in them.

Have fun browsing!

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