Monthly Archives: April 2016

This off season seemed to just race by this year, more so than past years. I guess it’s because my last amusement related visit was late December with a trip to Six Flags’ Holiday in the Park festivities. Fairs and carnivals start around here in early April, but this year was particularly cold at the start Trip Report: Middlesex Fireman’s Fair 2016

5 Lesser Known Huss Rides

Quick! Name three Huss rides! All right, so either you just said “what the hell is a ‘Huss’ ride?” or you spat out the three big rides manufactured by Bremen, Germany based Huss Maschinenfabrik: Top Spin, Enterprise, Break Dance. Pirate and Rainbow would have also been acceptable answers, albeit amusement ride hipster responses. All of those rides 5 Lesser Known Huss Rides

The DoD3 1.4

It’s been especially quiet around here and a lot of it is because for the past few weeks I’ve been revamping the website in preparation for a domain change. I’ve been calling the site “The DoD3” for a while now and I decided to finally pull the trigger on changing the URL to In spirit it’ll The DoD3 1.4