Video: Rave Up

The Chance manufactured Trabant is one of those rides that seems to be custom themed more often than not. Sometimes you’ll see a plain ol’ Trabant, which in turn is themed after a satellite (a weird 1960s one at that,) but more common themes are that of roulette wheels, surfing, and UFOs. However thanks to Tolve Presentations, the owner of this particular Trabant, we can also add a rave party to the mix; a theme that actually kind of works well! This is also one of the few Trabants that actually has some back flash, complete with depictions of people dancing. The lights and color scheme on this ride are also pretty good; if only all the lights worked!

Rave Up (Trabant) from The DoD3 on Vimeo.

Song is “Face to Face (Demon Remix)” by Daft Punk

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