Video: Fireball

The KMG Fireball (aka Afterburner if you’re in Europe) and its variants seem to be very popular rides nowadays. I remember when I first saw Fireball back in the late 90s or so at the State Fair Meadowlands; it went under the name Cyclops and I thought it was just insane! Today many fairs carry a Fireball, Freak Out, or Technical Park’s 1 trailer Street Fighter while several amusement parks sport the larger Revolution models by Chance Rides. A Fireball running at full tilt is probably one of the more intense rides around with a ton of Gs at the bottom of the swing; couple this with a ride op happy to run it for minutes on end and Fireball turns into the pendulum ride from hell!

KMG Fireball 2009 from The DoD3 on Vimeo.

Song is ‘Timeless’ by Goldie

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