I headed down to some of the southern shore points in New Jersey this past weekend (January 28 & 29 to be exact) to see what was going on. Here’s what I saw.

Looks like construction is mostly completed of Morey’s Piers’ big off season project in the re-tracking of Fly – The Great Nor’Easter. It’s a Vekoma SLC that was added in 1995 and that has been rough since the get go (like all SLC coasters.) Around 2008, the coaster received new trains with vest style restraints which eliminated the headbanging, but didn’t fix the overall roughness of the ride. The new track looks the same but was manufactured more recently with modern technology and tolerances and should be smoother. The coaster also sports a slightly new color scheme with teal supports instead of the white supports/white track color scheme. The supports actually seem to be dark teal/navy blue on the far end and light teal on the boardwalk end. Interesting. It sure looks better than its salmon color scheme of old. Pieces of Nor’Easter’s old track sat on the beach to the south of the old Hunt’s Pier.

Not much going on in Ocean City other than boardwalk construction. GaleForce, Castaway Cove’s 2016 addition that has yet to open, looks like a pretty neat coaster. Not entirely sure what the hold up is on opening, but I’ll have to get down there and ride it once it does. Wild Waves, a new family coaster surrounding GaleForce, looks to be mostly completed. I actually didn’t know it was a 2017 addition until now. There was some minor beach erosion in front of the dunes from the nor’easter that occurred less than a week before.

Seaside Heights and Seaside Park had quite a bit of construction going on. The Casino Pier expansion is nearing completion with their 2017 Gerstlauer coaster addition partially erected on it. I also saw some pieces laying on the pier for their new, 40 meter (131 foot) Technical Park manufactured Ferris Wheel.

Down in Seaside Park there were some foundations and structures surrounding the boardwalk near The Sawmill along with some pilings out on the beach. Nice to see some action taking place down that way. It’s been relatively desolate down that way since Sandy in 2012 and even more so after the fire in 2013.

I headed over to New York City on Sunday January 1st, New Years Day, to go on a little sightseeing excursion. I always like taking a walking trip to the city around this time, before all of the holiday decorations are taken down. It’s also nice to just go and walk around with no real destination instead of the usual “get off train, go to X, leave X, go back to train” deal. I arrived at Penn Station at about 1pm and hopped on the A train to Downtown for my first leg of the trip.

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I headed over to Six Flags Great Adventure on Sunday, December 4th for some Holiday in the Park fun. I really liked the event last year so I was eager to head over and check out this year’s festivities. I got to the park at around 4pm and spent the first 45 minutes walking around getting photos and video of coasters and such; basically stuff that I’m not going to be able to get photos/video of once it’s dark. The lines at this point were all 10 minutes or less, maybe 20 for Joker.

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September is a special time for some of us U.S. theme park fans. It’s the time when many parks announce their additions for the next year! Both Six Flags and Cedar Fair owned parks start teasing announcements in August, spurring copious amounts of speculation and wishing. Six Flags Great Adventure fans in 2015 were largely hoping for an RMC woodie, or a Giga coaster…possibly just the former as wishing for a Giga is practically a meme now. On September 3rd, 2015, we got our answer: Total Mayhem! An S&S 4-D Free Spin coaster that would be placed into the largely overlooked Lakefront area!

“Would be better if this wasn’t an exact replica of the ride six flags fiesta texas got last year. “


“It’s named Total Mayhem, which is already the name of a haunted attraction AND it has nothing to do with forests or lakes.”


“So…it really only has an 8 rider capacity? I’m rather terrified to see what the wait times for this will be. “


“I gotta’ say, Six Flags is really going “cheap” with most of the attraction’s. “


“Im not mad about it just disappointed”

Coaster fans were obviously overjoyed by the announcement. Hey, at least it’s not a superhero or villain, right?


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Seaside Heights, NJ – One of the worst kept secrets coming into next season has been Casino Pier’s 2017 roller coaster addition. I say this because for the past month there’s been pieces of what looks to be a pretty substantial coaster sitting in the parking lot next to Breakwater Beach waterpark. Today, Casino Pier released a video about their new Gerstlauer Euro Fighter coaster as well as some renderings of the expanded pier area.

Rather than showing a rendering, the video shows similar coasters to the one being constructed as well as some features of the coaster including a 97 degree drop, vertical loop, Immelmann turn, and heartline roll. According to a user on Reddit, the stats seem to line up with Gerstlauer’s Euro-Fighter 320+ model, which would mean it would be like Untamed at Canobie Lake Park and Rage at Adventure Island, but that’s just speculation at this point. Also unknown is the name of the coaster. The video refers to it as “Eurofighter,” but I don’t think that’ll be the final name. A photo render on Casino Pier’s Facebook page places the new coaster on the newly constructed pier expansion on the north side of Casino Pier. The render also features Casino Pier’s second new attraction, a large ferris wheel. 

I’m really glad to see Casino Pier rebuilding and then some after being decimated four years ago by Sandy. It’s an impressive looking coaster as well, unlike the more portable looking coasters that have grazed Seaside parks in the past. It’s also nice to see a Ferris Wheel coming back to Seaside. Casino Pier used to have a Chance Century Wheel back in the late 90s or so, but Funtown Pier to the south always had the more prominent wheel before Sandy destroyed the park. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Funtown Pier will ever come back.

Here’s some phone pics I’ve taken of the coaster and pier construction (need to turn HDR mode off next time!) Also included are a few pics of Pirate’s Hideaway in its new location. It was moved to the back of the pier from the north/front side which is right where the pier expansion is being built.