Hard Rock Park Finds Buyer

Hard Rock Park 2009Am I joking? Did Myrtle Beach’s own Hard Rock Park actually find someone to buy the park? No folks, I kid you not, FPI MB Entertainment is offering to pay $25 million for the whole kit and caboodle, with the company so far posting a down payment of $2.3 million. The buyers hope to have the deal done by February 20th and actually want to be able to have a soft opening before Memorial Day. That’s going to be interesting since at first no one knew the place existed and now everyone thinks it’s gone! However, since the park was at the brink of having a wrecking ball smash into it, (seriously, like a giant crane holding a park sized wrecking ball was waiting outside the park) ¬†perhaps the media attention of it being pulled from certain doom will spur some interest.

According to the article below, the buyers would need about 90 days to prepare the park to open. This would include such tasks as revamping rides, designing new shows and, oh yeah, promoting the park, something the previous owners never grasped.

Source: Myrtle Beach OnlineHard Rock Park Could Ride Again in Spring

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