hrp2Hard Rock Park…the park that was in the designing/building phases for some six years; the park that cost an exorbitant $400 million to construct, and the park that lasted a grand total of one (count that 1) season in operation before filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy has finally bit the big one. Hard Rock Myrtle Beach Holdings LLC has asked to change from Chapter 11 bankruptcy to Chapter 7. In other words they are liquidating their assets; in other, other words, they’re selling the park off piece by piece! How much for the magic mushroom themed Huss Airboat? I’ll take a bid on it!

Last month the owners of HRP attempted to auction off the park for at least $35 million, but were only low-balled (or no-balled…is that a word?) apparently as it never sold. With that, the owners had no choice but to sell out, much like how Metallica sold out with the album Load…ok, so HRP’s case is a bit different…

In any event, while rock definitely ain’t dead, Hard Rock Park is history.

Read up on the news:  Forbes: Hard Rock Park in SC seeks permission to liquidate

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