Hang Ten Video

I went to the State Fair Meadowlands on Monday…the holy grail of carnivals. The big trip report will have to wait until mid July since I’m going away, but just to tide you all over I have the Hang Ten video uploaded. It contains offride and onride segments and the original audio is kept in with all its screaming and disco music being played; I can’t see this ride with any other music to be honest!

Have a happy 4th of July folks!


  • WiseGreenEyes says:


    Kudos! Very nice video… well done! I must say, your editing skills have much improved from previous videos you have posted!

    The Hang Ten is owned by my parents. I commented you on one of your Hang Ten YouTube vids a few months back. Glad you enjoy the ride! They work very hard to keep it as well maintained as it is. They actually have the bottom car lights working on it now. I noticed in your video that they are not operating at the time you recorded the video. Fuse issue.

    I told my parents about your videos and they are flattered that you think so highly about their ride. They have not actually seen your video yet, because they do not have a wireless net connection this week. I have sent my daughter the link though, so she can show them next week when they leave Meadowlands. She is traveling with them for the summer. Also, my brother, Patrick Wise, is the mic & music man on the ride. It is his voice on your video.

    Very nice site here as well!


  • WiseGreenEyes says:

    By the way, my parents also own the Flying Bobs at Meadowlands the past couple of years. Check it out if you get a chance. 🙂

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