Crapstravaganza Week 7: Souvenirs N’ Stuff

To compliment last week’s Crapstravaganza photo feature, I’ll be bringing out the real park crap this week! This time around the focus will be on theme park shirts, cups, stubs, writbands and tickets that I have amassed through the years. Next week I’ll be getting back to park brochures and maps

Chance Takes no Chances with the Yo-Yo

Uh-oh…looks like One of our most beloved White Trash Carnie Rides, the Yo-Yo, has been recalled by Chance rides. According to an Associated Press article, Chance will be giving ride owners and state regulators kits to test and repair defective rides as well as putting out new maintenance guidelines. “We are pleased to bring that […]

Hang Ten Video

I went to the State Fair Meadowlands on Monday…the holy grail of carnivals. The big trip report will have to wait until mid July since I’m going away, but just to tide you all over I have the Hang Ten video uploaded. It contains offride and onride segments and the original audio is kept in […]