Stubby News: 1/26

-Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa Bay, FL, is officially the state’s safest park reporting no ‘significant injuries’ in the 2008 season. ┬áThis is compared to 30 reported injuries at Walt Disney World and 6 at Universal Studios. Of course, maybe BGA defines a ‘significant injury’ as an amputation or something, in which case the park would rival Un-PC Park in terms of injuries!

Rumble!-Discovery Cove in Florida is offering guests special Valentine’s Day packages highlighted by a bottlenose dolphin serving up a personalized love note to one’s significant other. Let’s just hope their partner doesn’t fall for Flipper instead.

-Finally, while the WWE Royal Rumble occured last night, another rumble was going on at a Chuck E Cheese reseraunt in Manheim, PA over the weekend. Several adults, possibly arguing over which kid gets to go down the roller slide next, broke out into a battle royal leaving two hospitalized, one bloodied, and many embarrased.

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