Seems like Green Lantern, Six Flags Great Adventure’s newest addition, is coming along fairly nicely. I’m not too sure if it’ll be ready for the April 9th opening day (actually I’d be blown away) but you never know (Update: read below) Anyway here’s some construction pictures from the Birdsall Services Group Facebook page:

Green Lantern Opening: Green Lantern will be opening to the public on May 25th. However, season passholders will be able to ride it from May 19-22; you just have too show your processed season pass at the entrance to Green Lantern on those dates to ride.


Six Flags has also made a few other updates to the park along with the addition of Green Lantern, namely repainting the cars on the Sky Way and rethemeing Fantasy Fling into Tornado. Here’s a couple of pictures from the Great Adventure Facebook Page.

Funtown Pier

Seaside NJ’s Funtown Pier is also getting in on the action this season by adding two new rides,  Thaiphoon, a Zamperla Mini Discovery, and a Huss Top Spin. Only a few years ago Funtown Pier was slated for the chopping block, now they’re adding two major rides in a pretty good attempt to compete with nearby Casino Pier; I don’t know what’s going on anymore!

Here’s a couple of pics of the racked Top Spin on 4/19:


  • Robert says:

    On the other hand Casino Pier hasn’t gotten a new ride since 2007–and even then that was a remake of an older ride. Could they be the ones struggling now?

    • DoD3Brian says:

      I think Casino Pier is doing all right. They have a decent collection of rides plus that waterpark that I’m sure rakes in money. Although if Funtown Pier keeps making additions they will certainly give Casino Pier a run for their money.

      BTW, I was just down in Seaside yesterday, they had the Top Spin parked over where Chaos used to be, so that might be where it’s going. Didn’t see the other ride anywhere though.

  • Rob says:

    I’m thinking, was that the top spin that used to be in former Astroland in Coney Island?

    • DoD3Brian says: still lists it as for sale so I don’t think it’s the same one, unless the site hasn’t updated or something. It’s selling for $199,000, that’s a pretty good price for a Top Spin! lol

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