2012 Lead Ticket Awards


It’s that time of the year again! After the Golden Tickets┬áhave been compiled and the winners have been announced, it’s time to start voting for the nadir of the amusement industry! The Lead Tickets are currently in their FOURTH year and are coming off an incredibly impressive turnout in 2011 that saw nearly 300 votes cast; that’s pretty good for this little site! This was of course thanks in part to the many coaster and theme park websites that shared the link. So, who’s going to win a nice fat leaden ticket this year? Well, you have to vote for us to find out!

A few things to go over before filling out the ballot:

The Rules

  1. Voting ends October 1st, 2012 at 11:59PM EST (23:59UTC)
  2. You may choose from any park or attraction in the world.
  3. Please only choose from currently operating parks/attractions.
  4. When typing in your choice, please use the full name of the park/attraction. For example, instead of typing “Great Adventure” please type “Six Flags Great Adventure;” or instead of “TTD” type “Top Thrill Dragster.”
  5. If choosing an attraction with a common name, please put the park name after it. For example, if you choose something like “Viper,” please write it as “Viper six flags magic mountain.”

Have fun voting!  The results will be posted in mid-October so make sure to swing by to see who won lost!


  • SteveH says:

    There should be a catagory for most delayed park attraction for next year. Cedar Fair is always late in getting their additions on line in the first year they are built.

  • MJ says:

    yay..glad to see this return..i want to add my vote for the 2013 lead tickets award already to Cedar Points Gatekeeper for the worst name ever!..kinda agree with Steve..a “we waited for that?!” category would be fun for delayed lame rides.

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