As far as I know, my home away from home Brick, NJ has one fair a year, and that’s the Italian Festival held by Church of the Epiphany. I stopped by on August 16th, the first night of the festival, before heading over to Seaside. Despite being in the same town as the shore house, it was still like a 20 minute ride from the southernmost point of the town to the church grounds in northern Brick. The festival had a small midway with rides by Johnson’s Fun Factory, a small carnival out of south Jersey. The fair had…

  • Major and Family Rides
    • Round Up
    • Drop Zone (a slide)
    • King Swing
  • Kiddie Rides
    • Tubs of Fun
    • Go-Gator
    • Boomer’s Funhouse
    • Sky Rockets
    • Cartoon Train

The midway was really a footnote, with the fair having a massive vendor area and games midway, not to mention a huge food tent with all kinds of delicious food. I should have ate here before going to Seaside, I don’t know what I was thinking. The fair also had a DJ with his own DJ booth setup.

Round Up was a Manco model. I believe these are the same as Hrubetz models, just outsourced in manufacturing.  The ride had some LEDs on the outside and around the sign with a light blue and purple color scheme. I must not have seen a Round Up running at full throttle in a while since I was genuinely surprised to see how high it lifted. I don’t know what the max angle of a Round Up is, but this had to have been at its peak.

King Swing hung out in the front of the midway. True to its name, this was literally a swing ride manufactured by King. It had light tubes, not sure if they were LED or florescent. Probably florescent since they didn’t look too bright.

The final ride worth mentioning was Drop Zone, a Super Slide manufactured by High-Lite. This actually had light tubes. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve seen a slide with tube lighting. I’m not knocking it, I love old school stuff like that.

Here’s a few photos. I only took some on my phone, so the quality sucks.

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