During that shameless April Fools prank, which was a Voodoo video but turned into a Rick Roll, I promised that there would in fact be a Voodoo video; well it’s finally here!

Just some quick facts about the ride; Voodoo/Possessed is an Intimin Impulse coaster at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA. The coaster was first built in 2000 at Six Flags Ohio (later known as Geauga Lake Amusement Park) under the name Superman Ultimate Escape. Once Six Flags sold the park in 2003, the coaster was re-themed as Steel Venom and went by that name until 2006; I’m not sure what happened during the 2007 season with Steel Venom. Geauga Lake closed their amusement park (but kept the waterpark) after the 2007 season. The coaster then debuted as Voodoo in 2008 at Dorney Park, and was then renamed to Possessed in 2009 after a possible Six Flags trademark violation.

Considering that Voodoo (now re-named Possessed) isn’t exactly a long ride, I decided to take a bit of artistic freedom with this video; it turned out pretty weird with lots of effects and color changes. Hope you all enjoy it!

The song is ‘Ultrasonic Sound’ by Hive (aka the song in Pico’s School!)


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