Video: Orbiter 2009

Orbiter is a common flatride manufactured by Tivoli. I remember when these rides weren’t seen too often in NJ but as of late just about every large fair has one. If it’s run on a slow cycle, the ride is pretty much a tilted Scrambler; it’s fun but not too thrilling. When run on a fast cycle however, this ride is truely one of the most forceful flats around. This video shows the Orbiter at the 2009 State Fair Meadowlands, and this one certainly hauls some ass!

Orbiter @ State Fair Meadowlands 2009 from The DoD3 on Vimeo.


  • T says:

    I rode this ride at the Calidonia Fair, Vermont. I was not prepared for how scary it was or for how long it lasted. I was quite dazed afterwards.

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