The Feast of St. Anthony Festival is an annual fair held at Our Lady of Czestochowa parish in South Plainfield, NJ. The event lasted five days this year spanning from Tuesday, June 5th to Saturday the 9th. I headed over on Thursday, leaving at about 7:45pm so that I could get some dusk as well as night photos. Despite being a fairly short drive (about 20 minutes) I had to use GPS as it’s almost all side roads to get there. As it ended up, I had to disobey its directions a few times anyway since it tried to send me in dumb ways to get to the place. I arrived just after 8pm and was pleasantly surprised at the setup this year. The fair had…

  • Zipper
  • Flying Bobs
  • Alien Invasion (Gravitron re-theme)
  •  Tornado (Wisdom)
  • Sizzler
  • Super Swing
  • Ferris Wheel (Eli Bridge ‘Eagle 16’ model)
  • Landslide
  • Carousel
  • Mardi Gras funhouse
  • American Flyer (Miler kiddie coaster)
  • a myriad of kiddie rides
  • a selection of games
  • an array of foodstuffs
  • vice area (beer ‘garden’ with money chance wheel)

Dreamland Amusements was doing the spot this year and put together a much more cohesive looking midway compared to the past years I’ve visited the festival (2008 and 2010.) Along with the list of operating rides were a few racked rides hanging out behind the scenes, namely a Hrubetz Hurricane, Tilt-a-Whirl and at least one kiddie ride; I’m actually not even sure if Hurricane could work at all on the festival grounds without taking up a load of space that could be used for other rides.

The first ride I saw was an open topped Herschell Flying Bobs. The ride had a blue and white (mostly blue) color scheme with some decorative lighting around the ride and the Flying Bobs sign mounted in the center. It may not be the nicest open top Flying Bobs ride I’ve seen (pic) but it was run the way a Bobs should be, at a brisk speed with loud music and a great mic-man. Even the second ride op seemed to be into it, grooving out to the music and all. One thing about Flying Bobs is that the cars always rock like crazy, and this one was no exception.

Right next door was Zipper, the end all carnival ride. This one had newer model cars with the side panels (as opposed to all mesh sided cars.) Not a bad looking ride, it had turbo lighting instead of the newer LEDs or older florescent tubes (I haven’t seen the latter in a LONG time.) Next up on the midway was American Flyer, an old Miler kiddie coaster. I remember Keansburg Amusement Park used to have one back in the day. A Wisdom manufactured Sizzler sat next to the coaster. This one looked really nice with gold and purple lights on the sweeps and orange and gold lights on the cars. Definitely one of the nicer Sizzlers I’ve seen and it spun pretty fast as well!

Across the midway was Alien Invasion, basically a Starship 2000 re-theme. I sort of got tripped up thinking this was a newer Alien Abduction model by Wisdom considering the similar names but it’s definitely not. The ride had LED lighting on the ship that changed color every so often along with green LEDs on the flash. I like how the little alien on the flash seems to be bouncing Neptune like a basketball. Next up was a Wisdom Tornado that had blue and yellow lighting. Not bad looking, nicer than the stock yellow and orange. Looks like I missed a picture of it though, hmph.

In the middle of the Midway was Super Swing, a medium sized swing ride set on a platform. I have no idea who makes this but it might actually be the same ride that used to come around at the Our Lady of Peace fair back in the early-mid 90s, only now it has some flash panels (it used to just be the bare orange frame.) Man, I used to love riding that thing when I was little! They put the swings in a nice location at this fair, allowing riders to sail over the busy center portion of the midway. Across from the swings was a Mardi Gras funhouse, a nicely flashed one at that.

A line of kiddie rides extended down to the midway ending with an Eli Bridge Eagle 16 wheel and a spiral slide called Landslide. The wheel had white spokes with blue supports with rainbow colored lights in the spokes and white/blue florescent tubes on the arms holding the cars. Very nice looking ride and pretty big as well. Landslide was an interesting slide, more like an old Helter Skelter type ride than one of the Fun Slide type slides.

The fair featured some games; wheels, shoot out the star, knock over the X, typical carnival stuff. There was also a smörgåsbord of food to choose from ranging from pizza and hamburger to pirogi and kebob. Also noted was a beer area with cheap beer on tap along with a chance wheel that awarded betted money to the winner. I debated on getting either a kebab or pirogies and decided on getting the pork kebab for $4.00. I left the fair at around 9:15pm. All in all a nice festival, much better than previous years!


  • Ah yes! I’ve had quite a “2 Course -Zipper- Meal” at both the South Plainfield (Dreamland) and Staten Island Mall -PART 2- (Reithoffer) spots. But which 1 of them is most fun. They felt quite the same to be honest lol. But Reithoffer’s -Zipper- spun/flipped me more times in a row than Dreamland’s in S. Plainfield. So I first got to this fair at around 7:30, rode Dreamland’s -Zipper- only twice, just to save some money for the Staten Island Mall carnival (Part 2). I came to those 2 Places By Myself, and stood near the entrance of the ride, holding a sign that reads, “Lone Leaf Ninja Came Here Alone To Ride -Zipper-. But Ride Ops DO NOT ALLOW Single Riders On It. Willing To Ride With Someone Here. IF ANYONE INTERESTED TO RIDE WITH ME ON -ZIPPER-, PLEASE STEP FORWARD AND TALK TO ME ABOUT IT. THANKS (smiley)”

    So Again, I rode only Twice on Dreamland’s -Zipper-, And went on Reithoffer’s ride. 3 Times (on one those rounds it back flipped me 7 Times In A Row!) It helped my “craving” A Lot! Thanks For Informing Me about the S. Plainfield spot, and like I said, I look forward to more (as well as State Fair Meadowlands) at the next upcoming fairs of this year! 🙂

    -Stay “Zippin'” for me! Lol
    Robert “-Zipper- Lovin Leaf Ninja” Mata

    • PS. Have you heard that Reithoffer has the new “Stinger” ride? That Ride Is Crazy! I was thinking about going on it, but I had 2nd thoughts lol (Plus it was too expensive. It costs 7 Tickets while it’s $1.25 per single ticket) I’ve even got some shots of it on my phone, if I can somehow start a new YT account and upload it to there so you can see it.

      • DoD3Brian says:

        I forgot to tell you, there was actually ANOTHER Zipper over at the Corpus Christi Carnival in Chatham, NJ (next town over from New Providence where the OLP fair was.) This one was Tommy’s Midways’ ride I think. Could have gotten three different Zippers in one day…well maybe, that may have been a bit too many fairs to hit in one day.

        And yes I’ve been wanting to ride Stinger since I heard about it last year. I’m hoping it turns up at a Reithoffer spot in NJ but I’m not going to hold my breath. NJ is notoriously strict with ride regulations and new rides have to go through a lot of red tape apparently. 7 tickets, lol thats almost as much as their Speed ride.

        • Well, I’ve only had enough money for just those 2 spots anyway, haha. Hmm, I’ve actually never heard of Tommy’s Midways. I wonder if they have a website so that I can follow them and ride their ride at a fair nearest me. I would’ve had a “3-Course -Zipper- Buffet” yesterday lol. Wow, I didn’t even know that for sure until now. Was it their last day there yesterday as well?

          Yeah, it was at the Staten Island Mall there too. As well as the Pharaoh’s Fury (the Higher-swinging kind..went on it 3 Times on the ends, as it’s my 3rd fave ride on my list!), Orbiter, Kroon Giant Wheel, Cliff Hanger, Indy 500 Car mini-coaster, Avalanche (Moby Dick), Himalaya (Wisdom), and of course, my #1 Fave Ride On My List, -Zipper- (the yellow one, with red and blue cars). Though the toll to cross the Goethals Bridge getting there was kinda steep. $12 to get into NY!

          Oh, I forgot, 2 Saturdays ago I also went to the North Jersey DARE Carnival in Paramus, NJ (Reithoffer’s voluntary I don’t know what unit they were travelling on). There it had the Chance Giant Wheel, Super Himalaya (Musik Express), Sky Flyer (larger version of the Vertigo), Tango, Wild Mouse, Yo-Yo, Power Surge (they GOTTA fix the ride to make the whole arm rotate as it should), Starship 2000, Orbiter, Pharaoh’s Fury (it wasn’t as high as it should be, they gotta fix that too), and Freak Out! There was no -Zipper- there unfortunately. This is their last day there as well before moving to, probably N. Brunswick. I’ve also asked the Reithoffer crew on their FB page, “Will the -Zipper- and of course the Huss Flipper (Tornado) be at the N. Brunswick Fair this year?” I’ve got no response from them yet, but I’m willing to try their Huss Flipper (Tornado) ride there, and hopefully their Wild Claw (KMG Afterburner/Fire Ball) as well. That’s if…They’ll All Appear at the N. Brunswick Fair this year.

          • DoD3Brian says:

            Yeah the Corpus Christi carnival ended yesterday.

            I can almost guarantee that the NBYSF will have a Zipper there, Tornado, not so sure. They didn’t have it last year and considering how large the ride is (3 or 4 trailers I think) they might just reserve it for the biggest of the big carnivals now. See what they say though. Power Surge has had a non-rotating arm for years now, I doubt they’ll ever fix it since it gets the same ridership regardless.

  • Hey I just got Good News from the Reithoffer FB page. They’ve just said that the Tornado will appear at the NBYSF This Year! (and I hope they mean the Huss Flipper, and not just the Wisdom kind, where you spin the 4 seater cross cars, but that is kinda fun though hehe)

    PROOF (hope the link works):!/photo.php?fbid=10151020526767223&id=287979712222&set=a.437430942222.222783.287979712222&__user=100000376254218

  • BSA Mike says:

    Robert, Our Zipper will be making an appearance in Hawthorne NJ @ St Anthony’s Church Carnival. 6/13-6/16

  • BSA Mike says:

    I was there all night LOL we must have just missed each other. i was running around all over the place.. I hope to meet you on saturday.

    • Yeaah 🙂 Oh and just to give u a heads up, I’ll be the big fella wearing either Blue Denim shorts or jeans, mainly with a black “Naruto” shirt (with either the main character with yellow hair popping out on the foreground/front, or one that reads “Strictly For My Ninjas”) and/or with a red or blue headband with the carved “Leaf” symbol on the metal plate. Probably either alone (holding a sign over me) or with my lil nephew (if he won’t have other plans 2morrow night) And I’ll/We’ll be near the big rides. that’s the Starship Gravitron, Ferris wheel, some small looping ride, the Round Up and of course, “Zipper” (mostly the “Zipper”) for most of the evening for a better chance for us to meet =)

  • BSA Mike says:

    lol the small looping ride is a Eyerly LoopOplane .. new to the show 3 weeks ago.

    • Ooh nice! You know, I’ve never been on a Loop O Plane before, but kinda pretty much too tall for me to ride it now lol. Plus I’ve seen And rode a bigger kind before. it’s at the State Fair Meadowlands (which I go there every year for my birthday, and the 4th of July for the fireworks) each year since its debut in 2008. It’s an open seated, floorless Fabbri Kamikaze called “Banzai” (Although I’ve seen..or, there used to have been a few of the original “closed cabin” versions of the ride when I was younger, but never rode one at all)

    • DoD3Brian says:

      Hey now, you guys got a Loop-o-Plane? I haven’t seen one of those traveling around here in a while.

      Robert, I’m not sure how tall you are but I’m like 5’8″ and I could probably still fit into one of them. I’d guess if you’re nearing 6 feet then it would be getting pretty tight. Also, I just saw one of those older style Kamikaze type rides at the Warren Lions Expo. It’s a one armed version called Screamer (ARM model?) owned by McDaniel Brothers Shows.

      • @DoD3Brian
        Oh, I’ve seen that company before. They used to play every summer at some field across Elizabeth High School every summer. I remember they had a “Skydiver” and some old style swing ride. And they still do the Waterfront Latin Music Festival every Memorial Day weekend at the Elizabeth Seaport (just a couple of blocks from where I live) This year they had the Screamer there as well. But I wasn’t planning on riding it for some reason lol. I’d rather stick to “Banzai” @ the Meadowlands Fair. Hehe. 🙂

    • @BSAMike
      Hey there Mike! Once again I’ll be at the at the St. Anthony’s Feast in Hawthorne, NJ 2nyte! And if u can find me, I’ll be the big fella wearing either Blue Denim shorts or jeans, mainly with a black “Naruto” shirt (with either the main anime character with yellow hair popping out on the foreground/front, or one that reads “Strictly For My Ninjas”) and/or with a red or blue headband with the carved “Leaf” symbol on the metal plate on me. I’ll be attending alone, which I should probably arrive around 8 or 8:30 (holding a sign over me that reads “Lone Leaf Ninja Came Here Alone To Ride -Zipper-. But Ride Ops DO NOT ALLOW Single Riders On It. Willing To Ride With Someone Here. IF ANYONE INTERESTED TO RIDE WITH ME ON -ZIPPER -, PLEASE STEP FORWARD AND TALK TO ME ABOUT IT. THANKS =)”) because my nephew will be going to a wedding party in Edison, NJ. Ah well, I guess more “Zipper” fun for me. 🙂 And again, I’ll be near the big rides. that’s the Starship Gravitron, Ferris wheel, some small looping ride, the Round Up and of course, “Zipper” (mostly the “Zipper”) for most of the evening for a better chance for us to meet =)

      See Ya There 2nyte! 🙂
      -Robert -“Zipper” Lovin’ Leaf Ninja- Mata

  • Hey there Brian! Guess what? I’m sure you’ve met BSAMike at OLP this year. I’ve Finally Met Him As Well..@ St. Anthony’s in Hawthorne, NJ 🙂 And yes I came alone, and a police officer tore up my sign because they said I’m “creeping out” ppl, especially little kids like that. WTF? How am I even scaring ppl like that, just for holding a sign that’ll attract someone to ride the -Zipper- with me? How can it “cause harm” to anyone?? I came over there just for that, and of course, meet Mike. They’ve only got down my info/ID (my address on my drivers license, my phone #) into their little “notepad” in case they see me do that again so they can take me “downtown”. Those pricks, but I didn’t want no more probs with them. So I stood near the ride almost all night, and then a carny who was putting the locks on the ride asked me “Have you found Mike yet?” I said I didn’t yet. So he took me to the Loop O Plane for me to see him there. Once I’ve finally got to meet him, I thought he’d look more like one of the “rough” types. But he’s alright, hehe. We had a decent conversation about a bit of our lives, and how the they used to have a Kamikaze before the new Loop O Plane they’ve just got. He offered me a ride on it but I said “I’d rather stick with the “Banzai” (or “Footloose” they call it as well, I’ve heard) better. Plus he was operating it for the night because the guy who was supposed to operate it didn’t show up. And so I’ve waited til he finishes with the Loop o Plane (they named it “Dragon Loops”, medieval themed) and right to the time the carnival shuts down, we went on the “Zipper” together and even though I’ve bought the tickets for it, he let me ride with him, For Free! 😀 I’ve had a bit of a sucky time but once we’ve met, my night got awesome. I can’t wait to hopefully see him again in Bayonne (yep, they’re doing there again but at a different church) and the ride there as well. I’ll see if my nephew on can come with me on Friday night (the night before I get to the NBYSF on Saturday night) Yep it was amazing and I’ve recorded it on my phone to hopefully make a good vid of it when I get my laptop fixed. And if I come alone, maybe we’ll do it again but I’ll just see if I can be there Friday night.

    And Mike (if you’re reading this) Thanks for making my Saturday night in Hawthorne better! 🙂 And I forgot to ask while we were in Hawthorne, will the “Zipper” appear at the next church in Bayonne? If so, give me the address to where it’ll be and I’ll make sure I’ll ask my nephew before Friday night, if he won’t have other plans for that night. Thanks 🙂

    • DoD3Brian says:

      Heh, you could try my trick for getting on Zipper in the event you go to a fair alone. Basically I’ll just hang out in front of the ride and wait for a single rider to be turned away (it ALWAYS happens even with a sign posted.) When I see the exchange happen between the ride op and rider, I’ll walk up near the exit and ask the rider if it’s ok to hop on with him. Now I’ll be honest, I’ve only done it once but I ended up waiting like 5 minutes total and then got to go through the exit gate, negating the entire line.

      Sounds like you two had a good time. I did meet him briefly during the OLP fair during the day on Saturday and he seemed like a pretty down to earth guy. Unfortunately later on that night when I stopped by briefly (picking up zeppolies lol), I walked right past him as I’m absolutely horrible with faces. It was only once I got back to my car that I was like “hey…that guy that looked at me strange was Mike I think!”

      I’m going to have to stop by at another BSA spot to see this Loop-o-Plane and Mike (if I can recognize him that is lol.) I don’t know when though as I’ve been pretty busy lately.

      • Hmmm, well last night I’ve been standing leaning beside the railing (behind the operator and the control box) and I haven’t seen Any single rider, especially when they’re in line. And I’ve even asked the assistant who was putting on the locks if he could let me know or get a single rider so I can ride with them. “I’ll see if it’s possible” he said. And it got kinda pretty unlucky for me. And if I had not met Mike, I wouldn’t have got my ride last night. But for now, I don’t have to worry about going by myself because, I’ve asked my nephew if he can go with me on Friday night (since we both have other places to go on Saturday night) to their Bayonne spot and I’m glad he said yes..because there won’t be anything good on TV that night. I don’t want this weekend for me to get boring, especially when I’m turning -22- this Sunday (I hate not having my birthday on a Friday or Saturday lol)

        Oh and have you already the NBYSF yet? If so, is my fave ride there? I’m going with 2 of my 3 older sisters (who’s birthday Also falls in on the same week as I do) and their friend to celebrate and we’re all gonna ride the “Zipper” if it’s there, even though on Reithoffer’s FB said they do.

        • DoD3Brian says:

          Jeez, I guess I got lucky then. I remember it was a three person group when I got on that Zipper; the first two went on and their friend was turned away. And no, I didn’t go to the North Brunswick fair yet, I might go Tuesday night.

          Hope you have a happy birthday btw!

          • Ugh, it sucks having that “No Single Riders” rule. Before that they didn’t have that rule. I wonder why..
            Hmm, why not come Saturday? On Saturday nights they’re doing Dazzling and Spectacular fireworks shows @ 10pm. Maybe u could capture some footage of it, as well as the rides, and make it an awesome, epic and fun montage. And perhaps we’ll meet as well if u come this Saturday night 🙂

            And thanks. When’s your birthday and how do u celebrate them? I’m so glad I was born between the North Brunswick fair and State Fair Meadowlands (which I have gone there to celebrate my birthday since I turned 13. Before then was Chuck E Cheeses lol) I’ll be having a 2-Part Celebration this year! 😀

          • DoD3Brian says:

            Sorry man, I’m busy Saturday, I’m going to visit my friend down in south Jersey. As for the Zipper rule, it’s because if a person turns sideways they can slip out from under the bar and go tumbling around the cage. Even after Chance made the suggestion to not allow single riders some places still allowed them (namely Coney Island.) It wasn’t until everyone started suing for stupid crap that all Zipper owners started clamping down for fear of some idiot slipping under the bar and then suing them because the manufacturer suggested that there be no single riders.

            And my birthday was in May; I celebrated by going out with friends and getting hammered. lol

          • Awwwwww, it would be great if u did. But, I see. I visit my friends on Saturdays as well, but mostly during the day (and at night only during the Fall and Winter seasons) And on Sundays (even some of them attend church so I visit them after they get back from church) And mostly on Saturdays nights in the SprUmmer season (notice it’s Spring and Summer together) I plan to take my friends (or anyone I know) to the fairs. 🙂

   could someone be dumb enough to slip under the bar, and not facing the proper direction? Or is it by accident?

            And lol wow. As for me in seriousness, I don’t get drunk (or drink any alcoholic beverage, I’m a Non-Alcoholic. Also a Non-Smoker) and Never Will because I do love driving to a lot of these fairs with my Top 3 Fave Rides (Zipper, Ring of Fire, and Pharaoh’s Fury, I haven’t quite thought of others yet lol) And I don’t EVER want to get a DUI and get my license suspended nor revoked. I have A Lot of common sense. And those that do that stupid stuff are just plain stupid, plain and simple.

  • BSA Mike says:

    LOL you guys are to funny. Robert, glad you enjoyed the zipper. Glad i struck you as a “rough” type LOL We will be in St. Henry’s in Bayonne next week (zipper and loop o plane will be there) however i will not be. I will be on Long Island (HOME SWEET HOME) for the week. If you go enjoy your time there.

    • Awww, well thanks for the info. And my nephew (his name is Christian btw) will be going with me this time, We’ll both be attending this Friday night (as Saturday night I’ll be at -Reithoffer-‘s North Brunswick Fair with my 2 older sisters to celebrate my and one of my sister’s birthday, which falls on the same week as I do. And my nephew has other plans on that night as well) Thanks again, and U enjoy your break at home 🙂

    • DoD3Brian says:

      Haha, Zipper does strange things to people Mike. I remember there was some dude hanging around this site for a while who wanted to break the record for time riding on the Zipper. In every single post he made he left his email and other contact info hoping a show would contact him. Don’t know what ever happened with him…

  • BSA Mike says:

    LOL Brian that guy emailed us a few times hoping we would let him do it.. We never replied to him

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