Hang Ten Video

I went to the State Fair Meadowlands on Monday…the holy grail of carnivals. The big trip report will have to wait until mid July since I’m going away, but just to tide you all over I have the Hang Ten video uploaded. It contains offride and onride segments and the original audio is kept in with all its screaming and disco music being played; I can’t see this ride with any other music to be honest!

Have a happy 4th of July folks!

DoD3 v1.2 is Finally Done

I hope you all like the new look, because I do not want to do that shit again for a loooong time. I went and re-did all of the pages again and linked them all to a style sheet. Now I can control the look easily. Now…I can finally update the content.

404 Error Land


With the update of Domain of Death 3, my page hits have skyrocketed! Unfortunately the new influx of page hits are because surfers look at images and go back to a page with the Statcounter code on it; effectively putting some 10+ hits per page with ‘no referring link’ in between each. Gah!


However, the page that’s rocketed up the ‘popular pages’ list is the 404.html page! Aw hell! People are probably like “domain of death? Yeah that domain really is dead!” Until search engines recognize the new page links, it’s going to be quite the popular page unfortunately.

Why I Failed Spanish Class

Page: Why I Failed Spanish Class

Let’s see, I’ve been out of highschool for five years now. The last time I had to take a Spanish class was five years ago then. I actually sucked at Spanish class; I always blamed the teacher or whatever though. Well, while cleaning out my room last year I found an old Spanish class worksheet behind a set of drawers! After looking over the sheet, I realized the truth as to why I sucked at Spanish class!

After weeks of updating pages, editing photos, configuring configurables, pulling hair out, and bashing keyboards…DoD3 is finally updated. This page, the new homepage, will serve as a blog of sorts containing site news and random articles.

Hope you all enjoy the site!