The Dreaded Off Season is Here

A number of things happened on November 5th 2008: Americans exercised their right to vote, Barack Obama became president elect, and for thousands of theme park fans the buzz of that final amusement park visit of 2008 ended. What follows is a long off-season until your favorite park opens in April…well unless you reading live […]

Stats, stats, stats…

I think any website owner likes to pour over stats, I know I do! Besides the fact that it’s fun to see trends it’s also somehting you have to do in order to see what could be improved or what simply should be axed. Luckily for DoD3, I don’t have to worry about the axing […]

Goodbye Astroland

Astroland Amusement Park closed on Sunday and as far as everyone knows, it’s for good. Unlike last year, another year’s lease simply did not come to fruition. It’s sad seeing a piece of Coney Island history closing, especially when the lot may very well sit vacant next year while zoning is still an issue. The […]