Stats, stats, stats…

I think any website owner likes to pour over stats, I know I do! Besides the fact that it’s fun to see trends it’s also somehting you have to do in order to see what could be improved or what simply should be axed. Luckily for DoD3, I don’t have to worry about the axing part yet as I still have a nice amount of space and bandwidth. So, you all wanna see my stats? No? Well too damn bad, becasue here they are!

Let’s start with some Alexa stats. Alexa runs a ‘traffic ranking’ service that shows what position pages are on the internet. For example as of today, Yahoo has a traffic rank of ‘1’ meaning that it’s the most heavily visited site on the internet. The site Theme Park Review has a traffic rank of 30,342 meaningthat it’s a popular site but 30,000+ sites have a better rating.

  • Domain of Death 3 has a traffic rank of 4,002,680.

That’s shit basically. However in the past 3 months my site has shot up the traffic rankings by 7,178,439! That’s not bad I guess, it means that my site is gaining popularity…but is still sitting around in the internet boon docks.

Here’s a few stats from Statcounter, my page counter of choice.

That’s ok I guess…just ok.

Statcounter also allows me to see what keywords were used to fine my site through search engines. Here are some of them for this week:

  • action park nj (looking up Action Park)
  • rides at new jersey state fair (good ones)
  • does el toro turn inwards (what?)
  • friends of animals ship people contact guestbook email @ 2008 txt (…what?!! This keyword directed to the Meadowlands Fair 2008 page btw.)
  • crickets in sub pump (I have a page on killing cave crickets, and the usually hang out in the sub pump closet.)
  • baki grappler surgeon (that would be Kureha Koushou.)
  • flint strikers man v.s wild (Bear Grylls really doesn’t need that.)

Google Devolper Tools has some neat features as well. One particular feature allows me to see what search terms were used when my site gets listed in Google’s search engine, and how often. Unfortunately this is the result…

  • #1: 47% of the time the word ‘scat’ lists my site.
  • #19: <1% of the time ‘scat face’ lists my site.

Ah shit! Er…no pun intended. And before anyone thinks I’m some sick asshole, the reason for ‘scat’ listing my site is becasue I have a WTCR review of the Venture manufactured Scat ride. Luckily my site’s listing is pretty far down according to the stats. Still, I’ve gotten quite a few hits in the past from the keywords ‘scat’ and ‘scat hub.’

So that’s my stats for now! Until next time…

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