Six Flags Great Adventure’s Facebook page has been alluding to recently that the park will be getting a little something something for the 2012 season. One photo post showed an e-mail saying that the Fantasy Forest section would see significant changes. I immediately feared that it would be transformed into Superhero Forest or something of the sorts, because you know, it’s Six Flags.

Fortunately the real additions are actually something palatable;  Sky Screamer, a 150 240 foot Funtime Star Flyer ride, will be the main addition to the park’s Fantasy Forest section including three other rides: Bumper Cars, a “music themed scrambler,” and a flying elephants ride.

Hurricane Harbor will also be getting an upgrade with drop boxes added to The Falls speed slides along with the addition of Bonsai Pipeline, one of those new school looping waterslides (as opposed to the dangerous old school Action Park version!)

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