It’s officially official now; Six Flags Great Adventure has announced that Green Lantern will be coming to the park in 2011. The Great Adventure website details Green Lantern as on of the tallest and fastest stand up coasters in the world, “standing 154 feet tall and reaching speeds of 63 mph.” The page also includes a No Limits video featuring a mock up of the coaster. Of course most of us already know the details and layout considering that we know about the Green Lantern’s interesting past life!

There is news with this announcement however; we now know that Chang will indeed be themed as Green Lantern as opposed to something not comic book related.

(go ahead, click him!)

You can stop that at around 15 ;). I really shouldn’t complain about the name because I wanted it to be named Shockwave as an homage to Great Adventure’s past stand up coaster! If that was the case, could you imagine how many people who haven’t been to GAdv in years would think that the new stand up was still the old Shockwave? Hell, some people might still think that, after all some park goers think that El Toro and Rolling Thunder are the same ride!

I’ll be posting updates on the construction of Green Lantern throughout the rest of the season and into the off season, so stay tuned!


  • Phil Peavy III says:

    I’ve rode two of these stand-up coasters in my life. The Mantis at Cedar Point (B&M), and the Shockwave at King’s Dominion (original TOGO special). Neither style has very comfortable restraints. The Shockwave restraints look like a medieval torture device, and the Mantis restraints come up in your groin. The G’s that are created by these stand-ups can be uncomfortable to the lower body also. I never rode the B&M Chang down in SF Kentucky so I don’t know if it’s any better. I guess next year I’ll have to give this Green Lantern a try and find out. Should be interesting (and awkward as always being a six foot tall person!).

    • DoD3Brian says:

      I’ve actually heard that Chang is one of the smoother stand-up coasters around, though it still has its complaints about the ‘seating’ style like most B&M stand-ups do.

      BTW, I like how Shockwave and similar TOGO stand-ups have bunny hops, I mean come on, it’s a stand-up!

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