Lynx Full of Win Vol. 1

Being a webmaster, and also being moderately addicted to web surfing, I stumble across a lot of interesting content. Some of them are so good, so weird, or so ‘full of win’ that I feel they need to be showcased for others to see, and that’s what this new section is all about. Lynx Full of Win will feature amusement related links, videos, pictures, and whatever else I find in the deepest recesses of the Internet!

Exhibit A: Carny Parkour

I found this little video while checking out the forums at Matt’s Carnival Warehouse. The video was taken at the State Fair Meadowlands this past year and features members of the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation doing their thing on the Avalanche coaster. I’d love to see them do it while a coaster train was zooming around the tracks!

Video by WorldFPF

Exhibit B: A WT Carny Ride enters the picture

Oh my…this ride at a fair in Cuba does not look safe at all. I believe it has attempted to set the bar by which all other WT Carny Rides are measured.

Speaking of WT Carny Rides, check this Rock-O-Plane out! Forward facing cars aside, Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park actually found a great theme for one of these rides, a snow storm with the cars themed as snow flakes! This is without a doubt the best Rock-O-Plane I’ve ever seen and it almost makes me want to retract it’s honorable WT Carny Ride status!

Exhibit C: Backyard Runaway Train Coaster

There’s a lot of backyard coaster videos around, one is even made of steel and has a loop. However, this particular one caught my eye because the guy used the natural terrain to run the coaster, negating the need for supports or anything. On top of that, the coaster is long and pretty damn fast near the end! I’d pay a couple bucks to ride it!

Video by dmcinc1


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