Corpus Christi Parish Carnival 2008

Event: Feast of Corpus Christi
Where: Chatham, NJ
Date: 6/12/08
Ride Operator: Tommy’s Midway

This is probably the second closest fair to where I live, but one that I haven’t gone to many times. Before last year I must have last been there in 2000 or so. After a quick drive I parked in the lot of a nearby school and walked a block or two to the fair. The fair only has a handful of bigger rides, some were present last year, but a few were new as well. The fair lineup was…

• Sea Ray
• Wave (a themed Trabant)
• Sizzler
• Chair Jet
• Ferris Wheel (Big Eli)
• Fun Slide
• A myriad of kiddie rides
• An assortment of skill games
• Some greasy treats stands

The Sea Ray was a nice addition to this fair and looked very similar to one at the fair in South Plainfield . The Sizzler ran a bit slow, but most Sizzler rides do I’ve noticed. The Ferris Wheel looked pretty nice and was a very nice addition to the fair…just because it’s a ferris wheel really. The Chair Jet was actually running this year; last year it was still being built up as the fair was underway! Finally, the Wave came back for another year. I was again tempted to ride but passed it up. It cost a little too much and I think they may have had a two person per seat rule anyway. I’m not going to go out of my way to find a ride partner for a Trabant…now if it was a Zipper on the other hand. I’ll give the ride ops credit though, they really spun the wheel fast during some parts!

After getting my pictures in I searched for some zeppolies…and scored. Oh those tasty pieces of dough with powdered sugar. I can only eat like three at a time though; one of my friends finished seven in less time than it took me to eat one burger at another fair…ugh. I left the fair about 45 minutes after I arrived since there wasn’t too much to do.

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