Monthly Archives: December 2015

After spending Saturday at Six Flags Great Adventure for their Holiday in the Park festivities, I decided to ride down to Seaside Heights on Sunday to check out what was going on and walk the boardwalk before heading back north. One thing I noticed while driving down was that there were a lot of houses […]

Check out the 2018 Holiday in the Park trip report I made my final visit to Six Flags Great Adventure this year on December 19th, 2015; literally the first time I can say that I went to Six Flags in December. So, this winter has been super mild in the northeast with temperatures in the mid 50s […]

I was down at the summer house last Saturday to put things away, clean up leaves, and get stuff organized for the winter. It’s not too far from Six Flags from there, so I decided to take a quick trip over to the park to check out the Holiday in the Park festivities. The day called for […]