Six Flags Great Adventure announced two weeks ago that they will re-theme and add new effects and features to their floorless B&M coaster Medusa. It is now becoming apparent that Medusa’s new theme will celebrate one of the parks most notable past coasters…Shockwave.

Shockwave was of course Great Adventure’s old blue and white stand-up coaster that opened in 1990 before being taken down two years later and shipped off to Six Flags Astroworld. Considering that Medusa was the first floorless coaster ever and Shockwave was the first stand-up coaster on the east coast, perhaps the new Medusa/Shockwave will be the first floorless/stand-up in the world!

Just into the DoD3 newsroom today (aka myself leaching off other sites) Hard Rock Park is up for sale! As many theme park lovers know, the just opened in 2008 amusement park filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in September. Instead of sorting things out and planning on what to better in the upcoming season, officials instead said “funk dat!” and put the whole joint up for sale. The park apparently cost $400 million to construct, an amazing feat considering the park had…uh…um…well they had that Led Zeppelin coaster! Oh I get it now! $300 million went to the licensing fees to name it Led Zeppelin! There we go, it’s crystal clear now!

For the most part, mourning of Hard Rock Park’s potential demise is heard most from the credit whores of internet coasterdom who were deprived of adding to their coaster count. Another portion of the coaster loving population almost gave a damn, the third portion forgot or never knew that Hard Rock Park had even opened in the first place and the final portion will only remember the park for Led Zeppelin: The Ride and their Magic Mushroom themed Huss Magic.

Rock is dead in once sense I guess…

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Dorney Park Video 10/26/08

I love Dorney Park, I really should get a season pass to that park since it’s pretty close (about an hour ride down I-78) and has a lot of nice rides. A formal trip report will definately be up soon, but here’s a video that I whipped up in the meantime for your viewing pleasure. The song is ‘Silver Rocket’ by Sonic Youth.

Dorney Park 10/26/08 from The DoD3 on Vimeo.

The newz just in today is that Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure will be the recipient of an X2 makeover for the 2009 season according to Great Adventure President Mark Kane. “The Medusa redesign will deliver a multi-sensory ride experience with all-new thematics and innovative, state-of-the-art visual, audio and sensory effects launching it into another dimension of thrills and excitement.”

In other words the new Medusa will have fire, fog, music, and other silly gimmicky effects that don’t have anything to do with the ride. I’m sorry but the first time I saw the fire effects and fog on X2, I thought “that’s so stupid…” There’s no reason for it! It’s just there for the sake of saying “oh this ride has fire now!”

I hope that Medusa doesn’t become something like that, with open flame towers sitting around and a fog machine in the helix. I hope they at least take the time to theme it. Maybe add some buildings into the coaster infield (which is currently a huge open field) and a realistic looking tunnel and all that. Give the ride a real theme instead of a gimmicky X2 makeover. Whatever it turns out like I’m sure the general public will eat it all up, so I guess it’s a good move on SF’s part.