No Limits Coaster: 6 Man Bobsled

To celebrate the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games, I decided to whip up a coaster themed after one of my favorite Olympic events. The first idea that came to mind was “all right, how about a Curling coaster!” Nah, that one didn’t work out too well. The second idea that came to mind was a Bobsleigh track theme with its three sweet events; Luge, Skeleton and of course Bobsled!

The DoD3 Sliding Centre is a bobsleigh, luge and skeleton course located in No Limits Box World. The track contains 12 turns over a 270 foot vertical drop with a top speed of 80 mph. The final turn subjects hapless sliders to over 6Gs of force making it one of the most heinous tracks ever…



  • Thalia says:

    How about more updates to the site? I miss the days when articles were out every couple of days… I won’t lie, I never play the flash games here. I just read the articles which I love.

  • patty says:

    Clever and a great idea, love the 3ds undertrack. Some of´╗┐ the track does stick through but apart from that, the g’s are realistic for bobsleds and it has a good layout. Well done.

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