NamtabGet ready to conquer your fears in reverse as Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ announced this morning on Facebook that namtaB is coming to the park from July 4th to September 7th.

namtaB, literally Batman spelled backwards, is something Six Flags has been doing these past couple of years at various parks. For a portion of the year, the normal Batman trains are switched out with slightly modified, backwards facing trains. The first Batman ride to have this temporary modification was Batman: the Ride at Six Flags Great America in Illinois back in 2013. This year, the modified trains will be running at Six Flags Over Georgia for the first half of the season before being shipped off to Great Adventure for the July opening.

I’ll tell you what, I can’t wait to ride backwards Batman. I quite like Batman: the Ride; I think it’s really intense compared to a lot of other B&M looping or inverted coasters. Running backwards will make it just that more intense! I’m definitely going to have to make sure to get a front (back?) seat ride at some point as well.


  • mj says:

    I keep just missing the chance to ride the batman coasters backwards..even tho im not a fan of the whole gimmick, I would like to check it out at least once..I did get to ride American Eagle and Viper backwards at Great America..and I guess Mr Freeze if you want to count that at SFoT(yawn), but I was NOT a fan or Viper backwards..that ride is an underrated piece of awesomeness just they way it is,,doesn’t need a silly gimmick like that.

    • DoD3Brian says:

      I think it’s an all right gimmick, at least in that I feel like it’s a unique coaster to have backwards. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a full circuit coaster that went backwards, just shuttle coasters which don’t really count.

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