Golden Nugget Mine Ride to be Demolished!

2/1 Update: Added photos of the Golden Nugget Farewell Ceremony. 1/26 Update: Golden Nugget is bought by Knoebels Breaking news, the Golden Nugget Mine Ride that has stood on the old Hun’t Pier in Wildwood, NJ since 1960 will be demolished. The Morey organization who currently owns the pier (and the three large amusement piers […]

Crapstravaganza Week 5: Morey’s Piers 1996

Main article: Brochure: Morey’s Piers 1996 After doing Islander last week, I may as weel keep the Wildwood, NJ theme by featuring a Morey’s Piers brochure from 1996. At this point in time, Morey’s had just unveiled several rides including The Great White, a large wood/steel hybrid coaster designed by GCI. Rides, coasters, cheesy looking […]