“You’re a Mean One, Mr. Sitt”

“You really are a heel…” According to the New York Post and many postings over at the Coney Island Message Board, it looks like developer Joe Sitt and Thor Equities were evicting tenants on their land just before Christmas…and they were doing it Sitt style. It seems that the boys at Thor have been going […]

NYC Attempting to Clean Up the Sitt

The Coney Island land grab, buy back saga continues with the Bloomberg administration looking to purchase 10.5 acres of property in Coney Island…property that Thor Equities owns. Devloper Joe Sitt is said to be “ready to give up” on his plans to make his properties into gigantic casinos, malls, condos, and whatever else he had […]

Coney Island/Astroland Video

I haven’t gotten around to making that Astroland trip report since I’ve been busy lately, however, I did manage to whip up this video of my most recent trip to Coney Island. It features a lot of Astroland’s rides and  Coney Island attractions in a video set to “Feels Like Tonight” by Daughtry. You can […]

Goodbye Astroland

Astroland Amusement Park closed on Sunday and as far as everyone knows, it’s for good. Unlike last year, another year’s lease simply did not come to fruition. It’s sad seeing a piece of Coney Island history closing, especially when the lot may very well sit vacant next year while zoning is still an issue. The […]