Six Flags Nigeria Announced

Six FlagsReuters is reporting that Six Flags Inc and the Government of Cross River State in Nigeria have announced plans to build a Six Flags theme park in the area. The park is being added as a part of Nigeria’s “destination tourism” plan to make Nigeria a hot spot of fun activity. The plan sees Six Flags aiding in the development and master planning of the park. Once the initial plans are complete, Six Flags and the Cross River State Government will team up for the construction, development and management of the park. “The theme park development is destined to become a major tourism attraction, drawing from millions across the continent and the world” said CRS Government Advisor Nzan Ogbe.

MoneyIn other news, I recently received an e-mail from a nice Nigerian man claiming that another man, “an entertainer of many who died before realizing his dream of opening a grand fun fair,” has a $20 million dollar bank account but no heirs to leave it to. The poor guy died in a baboon attack apparently; just awful. The message said that the money from the bank account would be used to fulfill the deceased man’s dream of building an amusement park; he just needed me to pose as a relative and send in $10,000 to cover various fees; I’d get around 3 million for my assistance. It was so moving that I instantly wired the $10,000 via Western Union; hopefully that park will be built…and uh, I can’t wait for that 3 million dollar kickback either! Haha!

Hey…wait a minute…

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