Mr. Freeze to Stay Blue

Aw, poor Mr. Freeze, he’s so blue and will continue to be that way. No wait, that’s good! Screamscape is reporting that Six Flags St’ Louis’ Mr Freeze will be repainted blue/blue instead of the red track/blue support color scheme that the Six Flags over Texas now sports. It makes sense I guess, I mean the ride is Mr. Freeze and not Mr. Fucking Fire after all. Really, what were they thinking when they repainted Mr. Freeze at SFoT red and blue in the first place? Did someone accidently think ‘Superman’ while chosing colors? The last thing that pops into my head upon seeing the red and blue track of Mr. Freeze…is Mr. Freeze!

Six Flags seems to be on a re-painting kick lately. They’re doing Medusa at GAdv, Superman: Ride of Steel at SFNE, and Mr. Freeze in Texas.


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