DoD3 Host Switch

For quite some time now the Domain of Death 3 was hosted on a free account at I’ll admit, for a free host they were pretty good with generous space/bandwidth allotment on their free accounts. However today my account over at Byethost was suspended, probably due to some scripting taking a dump and eating up processing power. To keep my site going, I would have had to hand them some $$ or wait until the month was over for my site’s suspension to lift. Instead I did something that I was meaning to do for a while, I switched to paid hosting…although not on Byethost but rather HostGator.

I just want to give a heads up that my site might be acting up for the next few days while the DNS fully resolves. The upside to the host change is that the site is already notacibly faster and I now have A LOT more space and bandwidth to play around with. After everything gets back to order, I’ll make sure to put the newly acquired space to good use. 😉

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