Bums Overrun Mini Golf Course

Birdie!A closed down mini golf course in Tucson, AZ known as Magic Carpet Golf seems to be the new stomping grounds of bums, deviants, thieves, ne’er-do-wells, and vagabonds. “The bums are destroying it all,” claims Charles Spillar, a spokesman for a park that is trying to salvage props from the course.

Apparently bums have taken residence in fake trees, copper wiring has been stolen, and liquor bottles litter the ground. When approached by a DoD3 reporter, a bum thrashed about and attempted to throw a cheese grater at said reporter while screaming something about us taking over his tiki head house. “It was insane” said the DoD3 reporter whose name is not important enough for me to remember, “the guy smelled like piss!”

We would love to keep you updated on this story if our reporters haven’t already fled for their lives.

Source: Tucson Citizen: Vandals damage statues at Magic Carpet Golf

(Before anyone complains, yes,  some of this is made up.)

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