W.T. Carny Rides

White Trash Carny Ride Seal of ApprovalBack in the day, there were quite a few “trash pile” shows around. These were carnivals that paid almost little attention to aesthetics and would tout around rides with chipped paint, busted lights, and the works. The rides they carried around were referred to a friend and I as “White Trash Carny Rides,” or WTCRs. Eventually I put them in a list and this section was born!

As times went on, and  these rides have become classics, many are being rehabbed to look and function like new. But the soul is still there I guess!

Let me stress, just because I call them a WTCR doesn’t mean that the ride is dangerous!

There is one official White Trash Carny Ride list here at the DoD3. All of the others are honorable mentions.

The Top 10 List