Holy Family Carnival 2005

Carnival: Holy Family Carnival
Where: Holy Family Church , Hazlet ,NJ
Ride Operator: Ace Amusements

This is the local church fair in my uncle’s hometown (who has since passed away, rest in peace) the carnival is in a field next to the school and the school parking lot is available for parking. It’s a pretty good carnival with some hard to find rides; this year’s line-up was:

  • Scat
  • Rok-n-Roll (first time I have ever seen this ride in person)
  • Rock-O-Plane (always a nice addition to a fair)
  • Chair-O-Plane (swings)
  • Big Eli Scrambler
  • Round-Up
  • Gravatron
  • Big Eli Ferris Wheel
  • Fun Slide
  • A myriad of kiddie rides

I only really wanted to go on the Scat , but the Rok-n-Roll looked tempting, unfortunately there was a hefty line and it would have felt kinda odd being in a car full of little kids. So I got my four tickets at the price of $1.00 each and went on Scat.

The Scat was pretty much everything I expected, including the part where you need to cling to the bars to keep from falling out when stopped in the air. Two things I noticed were that the bar provided to hold on to wobbled like crazy and that the restraint is a piece of dog leash string with a clip!

Okay, so the ride started with the round up platforms moving in the opposite direction of the boom, kinda like a stand up Scrambler at this point. It had a cool motion that could have been a ride in itself. Then it reversed so both were moving in the same direction and it turned into the facelift machine. This was worse that the Gravatron, I could barely lift my head off the back of the cage. Due to the steep angle of the cage where you stand, I slid up the wall maybe a few centimeters, but it sure scared the hell out me! There is nothing to keep you from sliding up and out of the ride so I grabbed the wobbly bar for dear life. I hurt my neck a bit while trying to pick up my head while spinning, but it’s nothing too bad. Fun ride anyway, one of those small but powerful rides.

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