Crapstravaganza Week 6: Photo Phun!

Main Article: Crapstavaganza Week 6: Photo Phun This week’s installment of the Crapstravaganza is a bit different. In the past weeks I’ve featured a brochure or park map but this week we’re going to take a look at some park photos from years past. Busch Gardens Europe in 1991 (B.G. Williamsburg back then), Wildwood in […]

Medusa Update: Shockwavafication Continues

Breaking news just in today that Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure is blue. “Uh, thats not breaking news, we saw blue on Medusa back before the park closed.” Well yeah, you’re right about that, but I really mean it, IT’S COMPLETELY BLUE! “Oh shit!” As we all saw early this month, Medusa at Six […]